The Diary of a Social Media Fashionista

Each day, this week, we will publish the diary entries of two of our work experience social media trainees. See how they progressed and what they learnt working at IDC. If you are interested in gaining work experience, please contact Brenda Killigrew.

Work experience at IDC

From the 16th – 20th July two students, Grace Parkinson-Johns and Ava Mathias are visiting the IDC for work experience in the marketing and social media sector. Through this experience we hope they will develop skills and confidence in the work place both as a whole and specifically for this field of work.

Monday 16th July

To start the week, we worked on building the platform for the company broadening awareness and audience of the IDC and the ongoing WEA taster sessions. To do so we photographed students and tutors during the sessions and uploaded them to social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram composing suitable captions for each ensuring that we provided any information needed so that the audience would develop a further knowledge of the courses available and the organisation as a whole. Through the task, we learnt in order to approach the audience, it was vital to avoid any assumptions as to the prior knowledge of the audience so that we did not miss any important information developing our knowledge on both the textile industry and the necessity of social media in a modern day business.

To see some of the videos Grace and Ava took of the types of work on offer, click the link below

Sheena Davies discussing garments

Student discussing Taster Sessions at IDC

Anne discussing her block work at IDC