University places offered to IDC students !!

Several IDC students have successfully completed their City & Guilds in Fashion Design for 2018 and have won places at prestigious universities such as Falmouth University. One offer was even unconditional and given the competition for places in Fashion, this is unheard of.
IDC affords students the chance to gain access to award winning fashion universities and offers training in the practical arts of clothes construction. IDC is unique in its emphasis on hand skills and construction in relation to fashion design and development. IDC focuses on sewing (hand & machine), pattern cutting, textile design, textile manipulation and dying, dress making and tailoring. IDC works in conjunction with Leicester College, delivering a City & Guilds in Craft Construction techniques.

If you have ever wanted to live your dream of becoming a clothes maker, a fashion designer or learn key skills to launch a business and go self-employed, then IDC is your answer. Located in the midlands and outside the costly training centres of London, IDC can offer you a well trodden path to success and entry into some of Britain’s most prestigious universities and art schools.

IDC – making creative professionals

Comments from students and parents

Julia Breakwell

“Brenda – I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for Ella in helping her to full fill her dream to work in fashion design ❤️ xx Right from the first day I brought her to you at IDC, as just a little girl and asked for your help , through to all the wonderful opportunities , inspiration , advice and directions you have given her. We are so thrilled she has been offered a place at such a wonderful place – and exactly where you predicted she would belong. Thank you ❤️ xx — feeling thankful.”

Sheena Glazzard

“I have done a lot of recreational course else where, but this is by far the best college iv ever been to its full of opportunities with doors opening all the time, with real qualifications.. Brenda is fantastic and the staff are full of more knowledge than you than you know all willing to share that with you and help you make a successful career TRULY AMAZING COLLEGE”

Lucille Reeves

“Best range of courses for miles. They cater for creative textile types and more traditional sewers too. Lovely friendly tutors and fab lunches available in the cafe.
I have attended 2 courses so far and have another 2 lined up. Can’t wait!”