The Diary of a Social Media Fashionista – Part 4

Thursday 19th July

Soon after our arrival, Brenda asked us to find images to inspire young designers to enter the ICHF Fashion Icon competition. An exciting aspect of this brief was that as our work was to be used professionally as advertisement, and so, we had to ensure that we did not break any copyright laws that may have repercussions on the company.

We had to either buy images from image banks or take our own. After spending time researching the theme of the Metropolitan Ball and searching for images in banks, we decided to create some of our own work on mannequins to photograph, inspired by the garments worn by celebrity guests to the event. To do so, we pinned, folded and draped material around a mannequin to quickly create a garment. After editing and selecting the photos, we began to draft the brief for the leaflet given to schools to advise students on entering the competition.