Recycling the Japanese Kimono: An Experiment in Western Fusion

Earlier this summer, Inkberrow Design Centre (IDC) was gifted several Kimono’s by two Japanese patrons. They gave strict instructions to re-invent/re-interpret the dresses in a Western style. The students of IDC were free to cut, tear, pull, sew and re-sew the Kimono’s in any way, as long as the result was a Western styled dress.

The already accomplished students of IDC were set the task to re-imagine the dresses which were exhibited as part of IDC’s fashion show in June. The dresses were further exhibited at the NEC sewing show in July.

The dresses were cut, patterns were re-shaped, seams were de-constructed and re-constructed and styling adhered to western dresses; such as tailored waists, off the shoulder draping and buttoned mini capes.

The dresses display the type of skills and imagination students of IDC develop whilst studying here. If you wish to learn similar techniques or learn to sew, then call IDC and speak to Brenda Killigrew, who managed the project. IDC is dedicated to teaching sewing to whomever wishes to learn.