Lily and Sarah gain valuable fashion work experience at IDC

The fashion world offers some of the most dynamic and creative artistic careers available. However, the industry is notoriously difficult to get into. On that point, IDC, offers fashion and craft students the chance to gain valuable and much sought after business skills in fashion by offering work experience to suitable candidates.

Sarah and Lily recently spent a week at IDC gaining an insight into how a Creative business works and what is expected on a daily basis. Read Lily and Sarah’s accounts of working at IDC and how they coped with the dreaded “DEADLINE!!”

Lily’s Work Experience Journal

Today was my first day of work experience with Inkberrow design centre. I began the day by taking pictures of and selling clothes on the app Shpock, where all of the proceeds go to the charity Nigh Stop- who help the homeless. By dressing the mannequins with the clothes being sold I was able to challenge myself to creatively put the outfits together to make them look appealing for people to buy.
We then began running IDC’s twitter for the day. We were promoting the clothes they were selling, and the company in general and in order to do this we went into Redditch to get pictures etc. We wanted to be able to think of a way to remove people’s sometimes negative view of Redditch as a town and encourage them to visit the design centre. We filmed videos of the shopping centre and used a video to show that the train station was only a short walk from IDC and that it was easy for people to visit no matter where they are from.
This was a great opportunity to gain insight into the social media side of the fashion industry and to show me that how things are worded online and the media you use is crucial to how people view your company. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and I’m looking forward to coming back tomorrow.

Sarah’s Journal of work at IDC

Today was my first day of work experience at Inkberrow Design Centre. We started the day by sorting out clothes and taking photos of them to sell them on Shpock, for the charity Night Stop. Night Stop is a charity that provides emergency overnight accommodation for young people who are on the streets or sleeping in an unsafe place. We looked through the clothes and matched them to sell together. After that we looked at twitter and tweeted about Shpock and the sewing machine sale that IDC has to celebrate 50 years of Janome in the UK. After lunch we went to find out about places around Redditch, like the Kingfisher shopping centre and we also looked at advertising how close all these places are to IDC, for example the train station is only a 2 minute walk away, so people could come to IDC from anywhere. When we came back we tweeted about what we found in Redditch, this taught us about advertising and how to promote the business and how to use things like hashtags to highlight key words. We did this to show why and how people would come to IDC and to show that there is more to Redditch than the negative view some people have of it; it also helped us look at the marketing side of fashion, which is something that is often overlooked, so it was interesting to look in more detail at. I had a great first day and am looking forward to the rest of the week.