Theatre Costume – Level 1 & 2 – City & Guilds

Learn the practical skills and knowledge to construct garments for theatre. You will construct a simple costume designed for the stage using fabrics purchased specifically for a theatrical production (‘real’ or simulated), a garment which has been re-designed/re-vamped and trimmed, coloured or re-constructed to create a completely different look and style from its original purpose and an accessory which could be used to compliment an historical costume or an accessory designed for use with a fantasy or carnival type costume.  You will also complete design and research units as well as folder work to support your garments.

During the course you will:

  • study and research a variety of themes and periods appropriate to stage costume design
  • draw figures and costumes with or without the use of figure templates
  • measure and record body sizes
  • develop and expand design ideas through 2D drawings and paintings and 3D artefacts
  • recognise the practical and aesthetic properties of a range of fibres and fabrics
  • understand the care and laundering properties of the most commonly used fabrics
  • use tools, equipment and hazardous materials carefully and safely
  • experiment with different media and techniques to create specific and unique effects
  • assess the cost effectiveness of production methods and use of materials

 Level  1  Certificate – £3120  120 hours of tuition 

Level 2 Certificate – £ 3120  120 hours of tuition  4 units

Award –  level 1  £780            30 hours of tuition  1 unit

Award – Level  2 £780               30 hours of tuition 1 unit

Fees can be paid on instalment plan  3 payments over 3 months

Call IDC on 01527 584840