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Author: John Hopkins

Publisher: Bloomsbury 2017

Price: £13 – 21 (depending on seller)

Book Review


Menswear by John Hopkins provides one of the most authoritative guides to understanding the dynamics of men’s clothing and fashion. Traditionally, menswear has not been noticed for its dynamism or inspiration, with styles predominantly given over to traditional military styling or practical/functional aesthetics, such as Pea Coats and Duffle Coats. However, John Hopkins in Menswear provides an overview of the history of menswear and how it is now becoming one of the most advanced and dynamic areas of the clothing industry.

Menswear consists of 6 chapters starting with an overview of menswear through the ages and culminating in how menswear is now portrayed in the media today. The first chapter is particularly useful to students wanting a concise understanding of the history of menswear and what motivates the trends and dynamism of menswear design – basically military wear and tailoring.

Menswear is written in an easy to understand manner but including much of the terminology used by the industry, such as seam allowances, welt pockets, etc. The book is also littered with case studies providing examples of actual designers to the emerging social media class of fashion innovators, such as bloggers and vloggers who are now helping determine the styles of menswear.

In general the book provides a comprehensive overview of the menswear industry in a handy book which can be easily slipped into a bag or backpack.  Menswear also provides a list of authoritative resources for further study and development.

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