It’s BEX – IDC’s UpCycling Guru

BEX, a tutor at IDC, uses craft skills to empower learners with mental health challenges. Bex is famous for her upcycling projects, being able to turn sleeping bags into dresses, jumpers into hats and generally turn disused items into wearable clothing. Moreover, Bex is a health Counsellor and avidly helps others to eat well and improve their mental well-being.

Bex’s talents were showcased on the award-winning show – Superscrimpers, which was filmed at IDC. You can meet Bex by contacting IDC and asking about classes Bex is running.


Watch BEX on YouTube – Superscrimper Bex

Watch Bex make a laptop cover – everyone needs a laptop cover

And even watch Bex make jewellery from modelling clay !